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Anja Park Planting Day

Finally, an actual, legit update on the tree nursery for anyone who was curious!

The fence finally got built.  Then I laid all the bricks for the seed bag beds.  And I had the three seedbeds dug out.  And I pulled weeds.  Then, finally, it was TIME TO PLANT!

After I thought about it for a minute, I realized that it was a lot of work for me to do by myself.

And I knew that none of my guides at the park were going to want to help, so…

I enlisted the help of my fellow volunteers!!

We had been looking for some group events to bring our Fianar region closer together and make us a tighter-knit group, so this planting event was going to kick everything off! 

Take a look at some pictures that my super talented friend, and fellow PCV, Sally Bull took that day:

{walking up to the park from my house}

{starting to dig the manure into the seed beds}

{the poop crew}

{the boys double-digging the seed beds}

{mixing the different soil components}

{delegating at its finest}

{seed planting assembly line}

{flamboyant seeds}

{working hard amidst comments from the peanut gallery}

Over the course of the day, we planted approximately 200 plastic seed bags and double-dug/planted three entire seedbeds!

It was a really successful day, and I’m super thankful that I had so many volunteers there to help me out.  There’s an English group in Fianar called “Tea & Talk,” which is made up of university students who want to practice and improve their English speaking skills.  They were really interested in helping out, so a few of them ended up coming along!

And now my tree nursery has finally started growing seedlings!

Less than one week later, and those little suckers had already started growing!

And then, about three weeks later, they were full-fledged teenagers!

That’s all for now, but I promise I’ll have another update for you when they’re all grown up and ready to be planted.  

Until next time!


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